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I LOVE this ...


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I think we all know some people like this :


[_] Clueless Village Idiot

[_] Lamer

[_] Flamer

[_] Pervert

[_] Sexist

[_] Spammer

[_] Racist

[_] Idiot

[_] Dumbass

[_] Troller

[_] "Expert"

[_] Wannabe

[_] Waste of Life

[_] Other:

[_] All of the above

You are being ridiculed because:

[_] You made an "Off-Topic" comment.

[_] You obviously don't know anything about the topic at hand.

[_] You started a pointless topic.

[_] Your post contained nothing but c**p.

[_] You can't spell more than 3 words correctly.

[_] Your awful markup made the post unreadable.

[_] You made a useless assumption.


[_] YoU tYpEd SoMeThInG lAmE lIkE tHiS.

[_] You say you're "1337".

[_] You posted a topic that's been posted 23 times already.

[_] You're posting something illegal and police are coming.

To repent, you must:

[_] Refrain from posting until you have a vague idea what you're doing.

[_] Stab yourself in the eye with a pen.

[_] Give up your internet account.

[_] Eat paint chips for the next 6 months.

[_] Tell your mommy to up your medication.

[_] Jump into a bathtub with a toaster (plugged in of course!).

[_] Actually post something relevant.

[_] Read and memorize the rules/community info.

[_] Leave this board/community forever.

[_] Print your home phone number.

[_] Simply shut up.

In closing, I'd like to say:

[_] Blow me.

[_] Get a life.

[_] Never post again.

[_] I pity your dog.

[_] Your IQ must be 7.

[_] Take your rejection somewhere else.

[_] STHU & GTHO.

[_] Learn to post relevant material.

[_] Go jump off a cliff.

[ ] All of the above.

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