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North of Boston Longboard and Slalom Session

Hollywood 90210

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5/11 @ 6:30pm. We can start at a hill in Rowley in the industrial park behind Winfrey’s fudge. It is off of RT1; if you are heading north it will be on your left. It is a fun hill with reasonably good pavement. I will bring some extra boards if anyone new wants to give it a try. Pads and helmet are recommended. Gleb is planning on coming down; let us know if you are interested.

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Bump for a slalom session.

Glenn, I don't think I have your email(and it's blocked on BOL)

We've been having so much fun lately bombing hills, I wanna run some cones. I have some questions about getting a slalom deck/setup for a big guy(me).

Gleb had the nads to try a DH board sunday and bomb the big hill in CT, prob hit 35 mph or so.

my 60" pintail turned up missing tho, praying it turns up soon.

Going back to Wheelabrator soon, that place is so fun for skatin'. :biggthump


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If you guys can get free during a weekday for a lunch time skate session, I have a great spot for slalom about 5 mins from my work. It is right of RT 127 between Gloucester and Magnolia. http://www.ecysa.org/bin/SqlMapReport.cgi?town=Gloucester

Follow the directions for the fields on Western ave.

If the weather is good on Sunday I may be going to the Sheepfold park.


Once you get to the parking lot just park and walk up the hill and to the right.

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Guest ajwheels119

hey everyone, i am completely new to this forum. i bought my first longboard in late august and havent stepped off of it since. im riding a 46" bamboo sector 9, and i love it. it has the 10" gulwing alpine trucks on it and 71mm wheels. i live in the heart of boston, so i have been bombing hills such as Mission Hill, and occasionally hitting Boston Commons. every once in a while i get into a nice parking garage and take it from the 10th floor to the bottom sometime late at night. i used to live in Gloucester, so when Gloucester hills were mentioned it got my attention, i had never thought about where to longboard there. im heading there for thanksgiving, so ill probably hit them all within those 4 days.

anyone on here know any great hills actually in Boston? im up for trying anything, dont hold back on suggestions jus cuz im new to the longboards



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hey andrew. Welcome to bomber. I live on mission hill and i'm always up for bombing hills, as long as there is room to stop. My favorite time to go is late at night when traffic is light or nonexsistant. Give me a call 508 265 1974. I already got in touch with a guy that skates around boston from the forums on silverfishlongboarding.com. I'll be packing my bouncy Loaded Dervish. see ya around.

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