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  1. The riding was good last weekend. Firm and cold just the way we like it. There was some major trail damage by the heavy hitters. Even if one of the guys has lost all of his gains. There has been talk of getting team boot gloves, They will match the mittens pictured above. Mr John Deer is putting in a group order so let him know if you want a pair.
  2. The VAN. Yes there was M&M's and Bud Lights on Sunday. BTW, All on board were over 21.
  3. Next time I am near the board I will take a picture. JD. Trying to send it every day.
  4. We used a $10000 Flir thermal camera. They are down to about $5000 now. If you know anyone that has one, use a wax iron on the base and get a little heat in it (you don't need to get crazy here just waxing temps). You should be able to see the thermal difference on the top sheet. We tried an ultra sound thickness gauge but the results were inconclusive. I also remember we had a treasure map of sorts, we kind of new where they should have been. It was a while ago.
  5. I'm interested to hear what you think. If you like it half as much as I like mine, you will be very happy.
  6. T174 CONTRA 020 CTB 6.4 +9 Well the season wrapped up quicker than I had hoped but I did get several days on a new 174 Contra. First a little about me. I am 6ft and weigh in around 210lbs. I am 59 years old and have been riding Alpine/Race boards since 1995, road my first snow board in 1984. During my career (ha, I even had to laugh at that), I have had the opportunity to ride many boards from several manufacturers. I talked to Bruce and told him I was looking for a board that was a little more forgiving on my abused body (59 years of bad decisions are catching up with me). I asked for a
  7. The Belt! Coiler vs. Kessler show down this weekend? I will try and remember tools to switch bindings. See you Saturday, ready to rip.
  8. Hopefully our boy Chomp is right on with his forecast. The van will be heading up 93 from MA in the morning, shooting to be on the hill for the 8am roll call. A new board will be on the hill this weekend. It is a custom from our friend in the Great White North. He guaranteed it would rip, and said "if it didn't, the board is the source of the problem". I will bring tools if anyone wants to give it a ride.
  9. Thanks go out to Gleb for taking a day off and doing the camera work. It was a great day to be out with the team. BTW, What hair care products do you use in that beard guy, that thing is awesome!
  10. It was a good weekend at Loon. You had to be aggressive and show no fear. The firm surface had a ton of grip if you were brave enough to get after it. Rode K board SL on Saturday and Coiler 182 on Sunday. The Coiler is the most damp board I have ever ridden, I had to get used to running it fast and jamming the nose in on the initiation, that board is a ripper on ice. Already looking forward to getting out next weekend. Goon Wrecking Rules!
  11. Bailed on Loon during MLK weekend. I went over to Ragged on Sunday and had fun in the pow. I will be at the Loon this weekend, hopefully the rain doesn't hurt the riding too bad. JD, just a heads up Blondie is getting ready to stage a comeback. If you are around i may grab the 182 for sunday.
  12. Not my best turn ever but it was the best day of the year at Loon. Fun day riding with Polaris (yes that is him in the background).That guy just rips and likes to keep a low profile unlike Hollywood, always looking for the camera. Team 32 tailgate possibly next Saturday, what do you guys think?
  13. It was cold last weekend, but the snow was fun in a few spots. Hopefully we can find a few sections that work this weekend. Tonight the Panzer file may come out.
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