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I rode with Ken today (aka sic 2t). He was riding a soft board and carving nicely on it. I thought to myself, boy he can turn that soft board pretty good. I was even more surprised when he flipped the board around 180 and carved switch. From time to time I will jump on my soft board and ride but for some reason never really learned how to carve switch. I can link turns swicth but not really carve. I think this week after seeing Ken ride switch I will jump on my soft board and try to carve switch. I was wondering about how many hard riders ride switch on their carving decks or soft boards?

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Went home about 1 on Saturday after riding with you. Then got the urge again and went back in the evening (this time with the Alp for a few hours). Did it all over again Sunday morning. Quite a bit sketchier conditions. Dirt and rocks starting to come through. The writing is on the wall now.

Say, anyone want to buy a 2004 Donek 160 incline really cheap? Used once. GREAT FOR SWITCH RIDING. $200,, includes shipping. Does not agree with my riding style so I have no further use for it.


sic t 2

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Last season I resolved to learn to ride switch in my carving setup. I was super shaky at first, but it didn't take too long to get the hang of it. I can carve easy turns on easy slopes at easy speeds now, but I haven't tried to push it beyond that as I always seem to tweak either my knee or my back if I ride switch too much.

And the square tail makes me nervous as I start to go faster...

Riding switch is useful on the runouts to give my front quad a rest.

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Easy siwtch at easy speed for me. I can lay out a nice carve switch - but find it a bit difficult to GET OUT of it . . .:rolleyes:

Another thing to consider - someone riding a carving board switch probably impresses viewers MORE than someone throwing a 900 spin on a soft setup . . . :D

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I spent the first four years on a soft board and worked really hard at switch riding so that it was almost as comfoprtable as my regular riding. Once I started in on hard boards I found it only took a little practice to get comfortable there as well. I agree that its great to give your quads a rest and it really does make peole look twice when you go buy with the flat end in front :D Never caught the tail riding switch, but with all the counter-rotation needed to see where you're going it sometimes is easy to get "stuck" in a carve.

We've even done the NASTAR course at our home hill switch just for fun...now that gets scary.

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