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Intec, Interesting...


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Yesterday the Intec heals and conversion for my TD2's arrived in the mail. I promptly set out to install them.

Banged out the nuts in the heals of my Head boots, installed the T-nuts. The heals went in with no modifications needed. So far so good!

Pulled the board down and removed the heal and toe assemblies from the bindings. Installed the Intec compatible ones. Thought I'd start out using the same settings from the bail set. Perfect! Did the other one too. Tested. Dang, this rocks! I'm liking the step in!

Now to the other boards. I had adjusted my Burton RacePlates for the new boots already, but thought I'd check the fit. Way too tight. On a whim, I tried the setting for my other boots (1 size larger) and that worked out real well. So I tried the Variplates on the M6. Perfect fit! No adjustments needed.

I found that to be interesting. I don't know what your experience with setting bail bindings with Intec heels has been, but it looks like they get set for a boot that's a little longer. The heels lift the boot up more than the stock ones did. That must account for the difference.

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amazing what 3mm vertical does to the horizontal alignment of your bindings. What I wonder is why couldn't they have made them the same height. If I recall correctly from looking inside there was dead space. ah well, doesn't matter really, seem to work just fine.

I've been wondering samething cause it is pain to switch board with person who has same size boot but with intec heel (i mean switch possible only with historical bail bindings :ices_ange )

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