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Board sleeve?


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I'm looking for one that leaves the top exposed and only covers the base and edges.

Just curious. Why? FWIW, the Bomber bag will hold the board with any plate bindings mounted no problem. That way if you throw a bunch of boards in a box or the trunk, none of the ones in the bags can get scratched.

Plus you are supporting the folks who keep this overly addictive site going. :biggthump

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I Am producing some that are basically a custom padded bag that can fit multiple board seperate from each other. I call it the Boardfolio and you can even leave the second board kits on the board. I have two prototypes right now with a lot of positive feedback but they aint cheap because they are made by hand here in my home town. As soon as I get my other bag back I will post some pics. You can also fit these in a tube, hang your boards in them and keep youre spares clean and dry in the rack on the hill. I have been slow to get these out there but family commitments have kept me from really doing it how I want (web site and such) My cost is about 80$US for the Boardfolio and 50 for the single. Ill try to get a pic up later. Art

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Its hard to explain the design but they are pretty thin but very well protected for the board. my thought was to have a bag that racers coul put their quiver in on the hill and then stuff in a tube to travel, or the rec-rider could keep some boards in the car or Fin or Sean could roll a quiver from the lot to the base with something other than a bungee holding it together. The cat is out of the bag now (no pun really) and I have been meaning to put this together for a while. Pics later. I even thought it would be cool to be able to screen on custom graphics too.

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