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OT: Bathroom Tile Grout Process ?


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In prepping my house for sale, I am about to remove the old tile grout and then re-grout the tile in my bathroom.

How long do you have let the new tile grout "cure" before applying the sealant?

How long after applying the sealant do you have to wait until you can use the shower again?



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If the grout is still sound but just discoloured, you can actually buy a product and just recolour it - a bit like painting. It's a bit pricey but a lot less hassle than digging it all out, and it works surprisingly well.

If it needs to come out, the new stuff should be dry in 8-12 hours. How long you have to wait for the sealer depends on the sealer you get - some of them "breathe" so you can put them on while it's still damp, and some of them are a permanent seal so they have to be dry. If you want to be using the shower again ASAP, get a breathing one. The tile shop can point you in the right direction.

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RTFM. ;)

Depends on the grout, usually about a day to cure, possibly 12 hours. But it will say so in the directions on the tub of grout. Same for the sealer.

I recently used some "all in one" grout/adhesive for a tile project and a week later I can still dent it with my fingernail. So I wouldn't recommend that stuff.

Hey, get my board out of your avatar! :)

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