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exercices to get ready for carving


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I focus on core & leg strength with a little conditioning. I usualy run then do a leg and core weight circuit and a little balance training to cool down.

Leg Press (Quads)

Leg Extension (quads)

Leg flex (hamstrings)

Calf raise

Hip Abduction/adduction

Stups w/ weight

Reverse situps (lower back muscles)

Side-ways situps (obliques??)

Captain's Chair Leg raise (ABS)

Lat Pulldown (middle, lower back)

heres a better description

i like to longboard a lot during the summer as it mimics the balance required for snowboarding.

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so... i run every day, ride a bicycle, swim..., but what specific exercices do you suggest to be perfectly fit for carving?


P.S. my first day on slopes is gonna be this sunday :biggthump

I'm going to Austria :)

If you run, bicycle and swim regularly I think you should be fine (most people just sit on their butts in the off season and then suddenly try to get into shape two weeks before the season start). Longboard skateboarding is perfect for carving, either doing mellow downhill carving like this (http://youtube.com/watch?v=ho9JtSqpbUU). Or Long Distance Pumping like this (http://media.putfile.com/pavedwave---velodrome-cyber-mile-pumping-a-longboard) :) looks a little crazy looking, but you wouldn't be riding plates if you were worried about that.
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