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  1. Hey Fin , Sorry for your loss. Jack.... so true
  2. I've got 5th-to 8th booked. Now my damn ankle has decided to go funky on me so it's up in the air but i will likely go even if i have to ride a crazy carpet.
  3. My daughter and I are heading to Sugarloaf in March. I knowJjack has posted what runs are the best carving runs but I haven't been able to find his post. I know tote road was one but that's the only run I remember. If someone can point me to Jacks post or chime in on the best runs I will srart doing my homework. Thanks in Advance
  4. They were on sale right on the website just before xmas
  5. At least once helmet saved my life , slid into a tree last year and caved in 3 day old helmet . Never leave home without it
  6. Mine came with 12 v dc adapter. According to the users manual (which you can find online on their website) Hot is 150 f dry is 130 f warm is 122 f I think you have to get liners up to 250-260 f for the material to actually remould, but also in the manual it says, "if you have had any custom work done on your boots or if you have temperature sensitive orthodontics, check with your boot fitter before using this bag . As a precaution we recommend using the DRY setting .
  7. I thought I would share my opinion of my Christmas present to myself. The Hotgearbag Classic, what a piece of gear. I am completely spoiled. Warm, no , very warm boots when i get to the hill, gloves are warm, socks yup. If anyone was considering buying one don't hesitate. They are very well made, very well thought out and look good to boot. I bought the single boot version but i can fit my AF700's 28.5 and my daughters ski boots 24.5 in the bag without fear of breaking the zipper. Or it hold's my boots,donjoy knee brace , butt pad, camel bak, helmet , 2 pairs of goggles , gloves,tools and wax. It comes with a carrying handle, a shoulder strap, two straps on each side(in case two people need to carry it) and i Just found these the other day in another compartment, backpack style straps. It works on 110 220 12v and has three settings, warm , dry and hot.It has several vents that let moisture escape if you choose to leave your gear in over night to dry out. Another cool feature i found today , there is a zippered compartment on the bottom that houses a removable pad for you to stand on out in the snow bank so your little piggy's don't get cold. The only downside that i have found is that it is so cool that someone could consider stealing it if you leave it at the lodge. I use a decent lock to secure the zippers together if i leave my spare boots in it. Also i run a decent cable type lock thru several of the D rings and secure it to table ,bench pop machine etc. That way if some ahole took it the bag would be mangled when they got it loose. I give it a big thumbs up for functionality, looks, and price $139 (i think) hell , i've spilled that much in liquor some nites:biggthump
  8. Pretty much says it all right there. So i guess i just suck it up and go rip the crap out of the 1 " of fresh powder we got in the last night for the first time in a couple weeks :lol: Thanks for the input
  9. Ok. I know this has been beat to death a few times but i'll be damned if i can find the threads i'm looking for. I'm getting tired of lugging sb boots and ski boots around and then having to switch when my legs get beat. Is there really any boot that will work for both? Is step-in an option? Or do i just suck it up and bring both sets of boots. If someone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. In the mean time I will keep searching the archives Thanks
  10. Hey Jack , your link to your pic is not working. I almost took my family to sugarloaf for Xmas,the only reason we didn't go was we couldn't rent a place that accepted pets. Guess i lucked out. I finally got 2 days on snow , not in a row , and not full days. Somewhere a couple years back , i heard / read that within 20 years, give or take , there will be very few ski resorts left. Kinda thought it was hogwash then but .... Were supposed to get scattered flurries Saturday,
  11. try and guess which 4 letter word i keep muttering to myself.....it's not the word rain either.
  12. This GD weather is starting to really F%$#ing piss me off. Gotta go back to work on the 12 of Jan and still no MF snow in the forecast. f^&k f*&k. Just my rant of the day:D
  13. try to base my buying decisions on what the folks here use. And usually end up buying used equipment anyway because of the very short season we have( looking out the window right now watching the rain melt the measly 2 or 3 inches of snow we had
  14. Damn Atlantic weather, snow , rain , snow , rain grrrrrrr + 8 c tomorrow , give us a break
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