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    Swoard ExtremeCarver pro2 in hardboots
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    Hardboots : Stratos Pro and EC12
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    With Harboots : Swoard Red Line
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  1. It's true that video doesn't give like reality, whatever the rider, to see him do Extremecarving with his own eyes, by taking into account the speed, the slope, the quality of snow and his head so close to the snow, it gives shivers
  2. Hello everyone, Very interesting this post and this debate on the EC even if it is true that the question is very badly put, there are no good / bad style of carving, there are some who prefer freestyle, others freeride, others race, others EC etc.... still it is necessary to manage to make correctly backflipe in freestyle or backside lying in Extremecarving... First of all, my name is Seb Henri and I am an Extremecarving Instructor, I am based in France and I do Camps in France, Europe, China, Japan etc... I meet many people with different levels, different mentalities and different riding desires. The goal is above all to have fun while riding, that's the most important thing. The big mistake is to want to compare Extremecarving to another form of practice of snowboarding, for example Race is a technique to go as fast as possible down the track through imposed gates, in Freeride it's to take the most beautiful and dangerous slope line, in halfpipe, in boardercross, in freestyle, in Extremecarving... all is different. The race, the Carving and the Extremecarving do not have the same objective and therefore a different technique with a different desire. Personally I ride in hardboots and softboots and I love doing everything, flat, carving, little jumps, faki, EC and of course I will adapt my technique which will be totally different. The most important thing is the pleasure of riding Making beautiful curves, linking frontside and backside turns lying with the head 2cm from the snow, sensations guaranteed while controlling its direction and speed especially on black slopes, and all with outstanding precision, that's why many people want to try the ExtremeCarving. Seb
  3. Hello, A ride in ExtremeCarving in Softboots :
  4. I am a French ExtremeCarver in Harboots and Softboots 🙂

    If you are interested in my videos, TV, Camps, ask me on facebook or my website 


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