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  1. Haha, I appreciate that. I'll get one of my kids to film me and post the video here. I'd love to get your feedback and tips on what I can improve. After 30+ years of snowboarding, I know I have some bad habits to break. There's always room to get better and learn.
  2. Ron, Thanks. I was able to sell my other board and picked up something that hopefully will suit my needs. I really appreciate you finding the time to take and share the photos. Geof
  3. 2005-06 F2 Speedster RS 183cm board with F2 bindings. Originally purchased from YYZCANUCK as one of Dave's (the owner's) personal boards. Inserts had been drilled by a professional shop for Hangl plates when Dave owned it, but I only ever used the F2 bindings. Waist width is 196mm. Sidecut radius is 16m. This board and bindings are in great shape. Board was recently tuned by local shop and has been unused since then. Asking CAD $200 or best offer.
  4. Any idea about the board's width and its sidecut radius?
  5. Ron, That sounds amazing. Can you post a few pics so I can take a look? Geof
  6. Thanks everyone for your input and opinions. I had a lot of fun reading through all of the responses. I live in a place (Yukon, Canada) where there's just a couple of alpine carvers so I really appreciate the community and experience that is present here on the forums. Makes me feel like I live in the big city...or in this case, a big city resort! I've read over everything a few times and think I have decided on a direction. I'll try to sell my F2 - which could be hard; I may just hang onto it - and pick up something shorter, wider, softer and newer at the end of the season. Simply,
  7. I owned the Oxygen Dangerous. For its length, the board had a very soft flex and I was constantly folding the nose in turns. The doberman graphic was awesome, but I really didn't enjoy the ride.
  8. Wow, so much to read through and digest. Thanks everyone!
  9. I'm 193 cm (6'3") and weigh 88 kg (195 lbs). I've been snowboarding since 1987. In 2010, I bought a F2 Speedster RS 183 cm. The board was well-priced and in good condition, but it's always been a little bit too much board for me (stiff, very unforgiving). That's okay though, I can handle it. What's mostly bothered me though is the stance width. At present, the stance is maxed out: I have it at 50 cm (19.7") which is the widest it will go. It feels like I need about another 2.5 cm (1") between the bindings to get more control over the board. So my question is: What are people rid
  10. Haha. I didn't know this was considered 80s style of riding. I still ride this way! Old habits die hard.
  11. Do you have Burton three-hole bindings to go with the Speed board?
  12. Is the Carve II more of a freecarve/alpine carving board than race? I know Sims used to sell the Burner (what Mark Fawcett used to compete on) and that was 100% race-oriented. Can you also tell me the various widths: Tip, waist and tail? Oh, and the max stance width. Thanks Geof
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