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  1. Old school bend w telephoto and current day bend w fisheye
  2. Personal preference and skill set. Ever see someone here at Buttermilk riding a 20 year old Pure Carve Maverick completely crush a guy on a brand new whatever I just designed the Cowboy 175 board based on my old Maverick (built by Jimmy Seacrest FYI ) with Sean’s expertise and it rips, absolutely kills it. I’ve got em here at the Milk to demo and I’d be stoked for the feedback on the lift ride back up.
  3. Learn to ride square to the fall line. Once you learn that who cares what you do, Cowboy hand, rail grab, soul arch, whatever the move that makes your style you. Forget all the bullshit. Square to the fall line is the key!!!!! Learn to know grooming on your mountain. The trails groomed on swing vs graveyard, etc Carving is condition conducive meaning that if the conditions suck most likely your carving is gonna suck and your day is gonna suck until you learn to ride the perfect groomed perfectly. Once you master that then not so favorable conditions add to the fun, the challenge. Time
  4. https://vimeo.com/310924402
  5. https://vimeo.com/310575955
  6. https://vimeo.com/310924402
  7. I’ve had Sean make me boards this season based on my Pure Carve Maverick and I have a few left. He did a great job and the board rips. You can email me cliff@bromada.com. I’m not at this forum very often! Interesting for sure.
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