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  1. STP

    Cord Porn

    Old video, but nice Corduroy for the first 5-6 runs! Still remember some of those turns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b9-l3F3buY&t=668s
  2. first time on the forum this year. I would be glad to ride with anyone, especially hard boots. I sent a PM with phone number.
  3. Sorry for bringing this to the front, but have not been on the forum since last season.....It all made sense to me when you look at Leonardo da Vinci man, While the radius of the circle looks small, to be better balanced you would have both toe lift on the front and heel lift on the rear.....If you have no lift, even with adjustable boots (canting and forward lean), it feels very un-natural.
  4. This is a little late, but wanted to give great thanks to Walker at Bomber for the customer service to get new bindings delivered while on vacation. I ordered new bindings Wednesday, February 6th for delivery by Friday prior to leaving for a week long ski vacation in Idaho. Needless to say a little snow on Friday in North Bend Wa caused Fed-ex to not deliver my bindings. Therefore, we left on vacation and drove 11 hours on a normal 5 hour trip from North Bend to Coeur d'Alene Idaho thru 30-40 mph winds and blizzard snow storm.....I called Walker and he had Fed Ex deliver my bindings to my vaca
  5. STP

    Nick Perata

    Here's the song from the movie. Farmers way.mp3
  6. STP

    Nick Perata

    Farmers mf'ing way! Got that in the ear plugs. 200cm longboard jumping 60 footers.
  7. Oh yeah. I never get tired of these!!!!Because they are me and I can refresh my memory of the years......
  8. Fresh couple of inches this morning over crispy ice. Ski area is only open weekends now so there are much deeper pockets of snow, 6-8 inches, outside the groom tracks. Generally taking it easy at the top of the slope on the first run of this trail. Nice back turn thru the crud and snapped the rear bale on my original Trench Diggers. (thank god that I was not going mach). See pictures. A little calculations: 14 years old binding average 35 days a year minimum 25 runs per day 12,250 runs!!!!! These bindings are the best ever. I cannot believe they have not broken before!
  9. Great day Sunday March 26th and snowing still. Great year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkBOBW4VaIg
  10. A guy slid up next to me in the lift line and said " I wondered who was digging the trenches under the lift and now I know"
  11. He has been in college and has only boarded a few times over the last 4 years and always with his friends. We went to Bachelor for a week and he rode behind me and took lots of video and could not believe carving down the steeps and getting air on transition. Depending on speed, you can fly 5-20 feet in the air and land into another cranking turn. He then said he wants to try again now that he can use my boots and boards.....Can't wait to get him up there again as he was a natural. Not over yet.....
  12. I think and have explained to many skiers AND snowboarders over the years that passing any snowboarder on their back side is not advised and this idea should be taught and communicated. Being a relatively fast carver, both skiers and soft boot boarders see you bombing down the slope and they have to prove a point that they can go faster and point it straight down the hill and beat you down the hill. It happened last night by a boarder and I literally could have killed the guy. I always look up the hill to determine if anyone is catching me. This guy came so fast and close on my backside t
  13. I just purchased a Donek Hazelwood custom a few weeks ago. I wanted WIDE for the powder and my 11.5 size boots. It is a 185cm, with a 10m shovel to 12m tail sidecut with a 26.5cm waist. The shovel is 32.3cm and the tail is 30.6cm. Now I needed to learn how to ride a standard non-carving specific board, but on the three days out in the powder, I am getting used to it and love the carving thru the powder.
  14. IMHO, I would recommend the ski shop as they can heat the whole liner evenly and gets the fit fairly good. After I did this I still had some specific pressure points on me Deeluxe boots and I then used the sock\rice\microwave option to further mold the specific pinch points until I got it right. On the Deeluxe liners this was the heel or Achilles part of the liner that was pinching the heel too much. After 3-4 times, they now fit like gloves and are perfect.
  15. Back 12-13 years ago I bought some womens ski boots at a ski swap for $15 buck that fit my 10 year old son. I also had a very soft 53 Z-Board (I have no clue who made this board) with old race plates. He rode this board for two years and carved very well. The ski boots were very awkward as they did not flex and couldn't adjust the forward lean. Therefore, I needed to buckle his rear foot in at the top of the mountain as he could not do this, I needed to ride behind him as if he fell he might not be able to get up if it wasn't a steep slope and at the bottom he could barely reach the rear bindi
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