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Mountain Creek riding


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I may be there in the morning too. I usually ride on south side (Bear Peak/South Peak).

There is a chance that Bear Peak will be closed for some ski racers (as usually:(

Zero-G is on northern part and it is a bit too short (or to steep depending on what you want to do). Plus to get to it there is that damn green trail which I do not like, because of crowd or need to cross it from one black diamond to another (to Zero-G).

I only had to like Zero-G when we had evening training sessions on gates set on Zero-G ;)

See you there.

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there are two college ski/snowboard races there tomorrow, so whatever the racing trail is will probably be closed almost all day. im heading up for practice tonight to prepare for them. ill be on a black donek axis today, and a big red prior wcr tomorrow, so come say hi if any of you are there.

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I will be there riding a white Rossignal GS or my 153 Yellow Renn Tiger. I have orange pants and a green jacket with red boots and helmet. None of my clothing match. I stick out like a terd in a punch bowl. I maybe riding the racing trail as they are setting gates but once the kids start training on them I will leave for zero-G or Devils-Bit. I drove by this afternoon and it looked kind of crowded for a Friday afternoon. I expect large crowds tomorrow as it is a holiday weekend.

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