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Oxygen bindings


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Oxygen bindings, "02" model. I saw a pair of crazy creek that were sorta similar.

They are probably from the mid/late 90's and are in decent shape. I rate them a 6.5 out of 10 cosmetically and Fully functional .

These would be nice if your just starting and don't weigh to much. Built in canting (you turn it around somehow)

I do not have the mounting screws. You will have to go to the hardware store and get some.

Shipping approximately $10 (USA). Weight about 3.5lbs for both.

These came on a board I bought and I just don't use them.

Ill toss them on eBay if nobody wants them here.

Whatever the best offer is by 2/3.

I take checks,




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At the risk of stepping on your listing here, I should point out that there should be two other pieces to these bindings. The first is a red, plastic ring that has teeth that interface with the binding. The second is a canting ring that goes between the red ring and the binding. I can't remember how the pieces go together exactly.

FWIW, I weigh 190 and I've used those bindings without any problem.

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I regularly ride a pair of these (complete, of course) and love them. Of course, I only weigh 135.

They ARE missing the baseplate/cant that the teeth on the lower part of the bindings engage, however. You could just bolt them to the board as is, using some short 6mm screws, but they WILL horribly scar the topsheet.

I have another spare pair just like those (w/Sims logo) with the same missing baseplates/cants and <u>will</U> find parts for them someday....so I just sit on them until then.

How much as is? :rolleyes:


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