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Physics Heels with TD2 or OS2


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Does anyone know if the Burton Physics heel setup can be mounted

on TD2's or OS2's? The reason I ask is that I really like the Physics

step-ins but I'd like to go to a more solid and adjustable binding. I know

both have the option of using Intecs but with recent events I'm not

sure I trust them. Especially since I'm a pretty big guy at about 6'3"

and around 250 lbs. So, does anyone know the dimensions, center to

center, on the heel recievers for Intec on either of these bindings?

At my size should I be concerned about the Intecs failing if properly

adjusted? Thanks


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of burton racers had been drilling their cateks to work with that system, I did it as well after seeing this

it works but its not like the burton heels are not going to fail, mine never did but you are taking a big risk

even with all this talk of intec failure what most people don't really take into account how often people break bail bindings or pop out

at this point I have ridden on bail about the same amount as intec maybe about 200 days on each and I have come out of bails a whole bunch of times and never have come out of intec even when I had broke a heel

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Good points Bob, I was just curious if it was an easy bolt on possibility. I wouldn't want to do it if it required significant modifications. Obviously if something went wrong it would be your responibility in either case. One

think that I noticed after looking at pictures online was that you would

lose several degrees of adjustability in the heel piece. The TD2 heel blocks

and intec receivers allow the sole length to be moved in small incremnents

around the bolt. With the Physics recievers there is only one hole which probably wouldn't work that well all boot sizes. Maybe I'll give some thought to the intecs. Thanks


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