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Questions about my 1st set of hard boots


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Just received my LeMans last night and I have questions:

1. I've never skied and have only ridden soft boots, so exactly how tight are you supposed to buckle the boots? If I keep tightening the buckles I can make the top halves of the boot overlap each other.

2. How much will the Thermoflex liner swell during cooking? I have thin legs and I think I'd need more volume in the top part of the boot.

3. How much is your leg supposed to be able to move in the cuff of the boot? Even with the buckles cranked down, if I lean into the tongues of the boot, I can easily slip a finger down inside the liner between the back of my leg and the liner. It's probably wrong, but I have this idea in my head that the boot should firmly hold onto you whatever you do.

Hmm, although my feet are 27.5 and 28, I think I may need to try downsizing from the 27 to a 26...

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The number one test to perform is the shell test. You can get instructions on doing this here: http://www.bomberonline.com/store/boots/shell_test.cfm

As long as you pass the shell test you are good to go.

Yes, the liners do swell a bit. I also have skinny feet and these are the only liners that will hold them in.

Perform the shell test and then lets us know how it went.

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I can squeeze two finger (one on top of the other) in between my heel and the shell. Three is a definite no go.

Sorry for not ordering the boots from you'all. I would have, but the one size LeMans you don't have the Thermoflexs for is the size I needed.

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