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Forward lean questions

Mike T

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I've noticed a lot of people recommending using less forward lean on their boots here lately so I gave it a try. I used to ride my Riachle SB 325's with the front foot on 2, back foot on 1 or 2. I tried 3 front / 2 back and then 4 front / 3 back. The less lean I use the more inclination I seem to get - I'm assuming that's a result of putting more pressure on the boot tongues which in turn sends more pressure to the nose of the board entering a turn?

Does that make sense - less forward lean makes it easier to turn harder? I seem to recall seeing racers using lots of forward lean, so I would have thought more lean = harder turns.

In any case, I'd like to hear some of the exprts opinion on the subject... should I keep using less forward lean, or does the fact that I can turn harder using less lean expose a flaw in my riding?

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Mike... as far as freecarving is concerened, forward lean is really a matter of personal taste. Some people like lots, and some not so much. My advice in this case would be, if it feels good, DO IT!

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