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Need your help, What boards to bring to Steamboat

Bobby Buggs

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Last I checked they had 175 inches and I will not be there for another 25 days.

I dont think I want to bring any 18cm waist boards for this trip.

Here is my choices

Rossi Undertaker 185

Purecarve Maverick 175

Coiler 173 all mtn 19 cm waist

Rossi Spike 160 Boarder cross

Coiler/EvilSports Race carve 175

Nidecker Tornado 173

Rossi World cup 185

I am thinking of the Undertaker and the Maverick and trying to avoid 3 boards. But I think Im 2 sick and will end up bringing more


What would you take and why

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Guest dragonfly jones

yeah I was there to - Phil was on SKIS - that damn guy just who does he think he is???

Great guy, fun rider and skier, selfless man and wears his heart on his sleeve for snowboarding and the riders he coaches.

Nuff Said!


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Buggs, bring the Mav by all means. Don't be afraid of the 18cm waist, I ride mine all the time.

I would,however, bring soft gear also if you have it. We've been getting KILLED with powder conditions. Almost too soft for carving at times. Wwhaahhhh! No complaints here, tho-

Lower mountain is always firmer conditions, more snowmaking.

E-mail me before you come out and we'll hook up!

Go Low- Dave

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