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Bachelor next Tuesday and Wednesday?


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sunrise chair: super short runs, but an ok warmup.

skyliner chair: chipper is fun, skyliner is fun but you have to cut through to get back, or just go to pine marten. coffee, thunderbird have some steeper sections. I liked Leeway, too

BUT...in all honesty my favorite run...not sure if Rainbow Chair is gonna be running, but Flying Dutchman...its just rollers all the way down. SO darn cool. I rode there for months and never went over that far, but the days I did...gosh that was fun.

Rainbow chair is SLOOOOOOW but...you get to rest that way...

I-5 was fun too.

the runs on the back, off NW and Outback chair always felt narrow and confined to me. Freeriding back there is a whole nother story though...hoook up with Mike T or Jack P if you can find them!

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Looks like I might get to go to Mt Bachelor next Tuesday and Wednesday. Just wondering if any other carvers will be there then and if anyone has a suggestion for a good chair and runs for the first two days of my season?

I might be able to join you on Wednesday. Depends on work...

As far as runs:

Pine Marten Express: Skyliner run - its' a green run, but not flat, great warm-up run.

Skyliner Express: Chipper. It's marked blue, barely steeper than Skyliner run. Watch out for where the W. Village getback trail crosses it midway down.

Pine Marten Express: Thunderbird, steeper blue run.

Outback Express: Ed's Garden. Long runout though...

If you want really gentle runs, anything off Sunrise Express... but they don't seem to be running it on weekdays yet.

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so that means rainbow definitely isnt running

have you hit "Dying Flutchman" before, mike? such a fun one, once you get the rollers wired. it was a bit scary at first cuz I never knew what was behind each one.

wonder if theyre gonna update Rainbow chair ever.

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Thanks for the info. Maybe Sunrise will be open by then. If it is, I'll probably start out there and work my way over to Skyliner. If it's not, then it'll be Pine Marten and Skyliner. Dave, I always liked Flying Dutchman too, and because of the slow chair it's where to go when it gets crowded. There is some great tree riding if you traverse off to the right of it where the pow doesn't get ridden out right away. It's not like I've never been there before but, I was wondering if there's something I've missed and where the current conditions and grooming would be best.

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