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Hardbooter on Mt Rose Web site


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Guest Randy S.

Dude, That's Elvis!!!! I have no clue who it is. James Ong, you know? Daneille? Anyone? I never ride at Rose.

Here he is on the chairlift:


And hamming it up:


Hey, it looks like he's wearing TDs!!!

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someone should tell elvis that asyms are obsolete


It appears that Elvis already knows that. It's hard to tell from the pic, but it dosen't look like an asym to me.

By the way your attempt at a joke was weak. It would of worked if he was on an asym, but instead it was lame. Try again next time.

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Guest dragon fly jones

Easy man - your funnin on his funnin was funnin sounded a tad harsh you now owe me and him a beer. No make that several beers and wear the hesher hair as part of your penance.

Now make nice kids, make nice.

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