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What kind of pack do you use? What do you like/hate/tolerate about it?

I use a pack made by 'Osprey', model Switch 25+5. This pack was designed for skiing/boarding. It lets me carry my skis (oh shut up) in 'A-frame' and strap on my board vertically at the same time. Then I drape my ski boots over and hike around in my soft boots. The pack has an integrated hydration system and nice strap setup. I keep my radio in a small zippered pouch on the waist strap.

Carrying my gear like this lets me get around fairly well, keeping my hands free and keeps me from getting sore, etc. Sometimes I have trouble with shuttle buses because the fully loaded setup cannot be stowed outside the bus (sometimes I just throw it on top of a van).

Has anyone got anything that works really well? Anything to stay away from??

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I use a Hydrapak Powderkeg, since it's not a camelback it's a lot cheaper and I've been very happy with the hydration bag, valve and all-weather tube.

I think it's like 1600 cubic inches, so it is a bit overkill on some days, but I find that on days when I'm trying new boards or new tricks the padding on the back sure helps. Once I bit it so bad that I busted upen the top of the bladder, took me a bit to dry out, but I'm glad my back and head didn't take the full brunt of that wipeout.

I always advise people to carry a pack, even if it's just for the hydration factor.

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Thanks.. I agree about having one if for nothing other than staying hydrated. I've got a couple of Blackburn hydration packs for mountain biking.

What is of most interest to me on this thread is carrying gear. When I hike with skis and board I think I've got a good setup but wonder if there is something better out there. My Osprey has compression straps that work well so the pack stays very close to my body when not carrying skis/board.

got to run... movie time!!

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I use a Lowe Alpine basic backpack. I cant find a picture of it but it does not come with a hydration pack. I use a small hydration pack from EMS that is small enough to fit under the back pack. Its not bad, but for a day of skiing, it sometimes gets in the way. I usually carry food, extra water, and my mp3 player in there. Most times, i don't even realize that its on.

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that reminds me... once long ago I had borrowed a large fannypack. Mid day I rolled up my jacket and stowed it outside the fannypack with its lashing straps. Next time I got on a lift I didn't have enough 'cheek engagment' and got dropped off the chair as it left the ramp. Many laughs for all :rolleyes: .

With my current setup I need to be careful with the straps and buckles etc. because they might get trapped in the structure of the lift chair. One time I did have a brief snag that held me for a moment, then I pulled loose. I had visions of me dangling by my packstrap from the chair all the way to the bottom.:freak3:

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