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Flexmeter Wrist Guards - anyone use these?


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I used these http://rdcshop.com/?action=itemdetail&item_id=14641&B=1

Dakine wrist guards. They are very thin and fit under any set of gloves or mittens that didn't start tight on me. Granted, I only used them for the first three days of snowboarding but they definitely kept me from spraining or breaking my wrist. They didn't hinder that much movement either. Good luck.

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I swear by the no gomers, the corners even work to chip frozen snow out of the bindings!

But you are right, they scoop snow up under the part against the palm, and then it slowly melts.... into your glove.

But they work and they work well.


Same here. I've been riding No Gomers for 6 years now and I love them despite the snow-shovel affect everyone here has mentioned. I wear Outdoor Research (OR) mitts and they are extremely waterproof so I don't have much trouble with snow melt. The Flexmeter guards look good... I might try them once I wear out my back-up set of No Gomers (my current pair is a little ragged after around 150 days of riding).
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My preference is a closed fist...

The quote below is taken from:


I try to land closed fist or on my forearms most of the time, but it's still your gut reaction and beginners don't learn fast enough. Everything in that paper is correct, but a little out of date as the wristguards designed back then didn't not take the greater impact speeds into account. The No Gomer and I suspect the Flexmeter wristguards are better because they dissipate/deflect the force of the impact (by dramatically increasing the contact area and the impact time) before transferring it to a structurally stronger part of the body.

I definitely know that the NoGomer pretty much prevents you from ever taking a crash on the palm of your hand/wrist because the shape keeps your wrist from bending back very much,and so your slide out instead banging your write. Does that make sense? Keeping your hands only slightly tilted up, try to hit your wrist on a flat surface - it's very difficult because you hand is deflected along the surface. The No Gomer also keeps you from jamming your thumb/fingers - again you hand just slides out on the surface. The tradeoff of all of this is that the No Gomers are very bulky. Maybe the Flexmeter gloves manage to do this without the bulk... I don't know.

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