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Awesome Deal on a Boot Dryer

Guest Randy S.

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Guest Randy S.

I belong to a ski club that gets some deals on tickets, gear, etc. The latest email I got had a deal on a new Boot Dryer. This thing sells for $29.95 plus shipping. With the discount it sells to club members (you all can count as club members since there's no mechanism for verification) for $10.50 plus about $5 for shipping. $15 is a pretty great deal. I'm going to try them out when I get them. Not sure how much heat they generate yet, but I'll report back when they arrive next week. Regardless, its a heck of a bargain. I ordered two pair. I'll now have enough boot dryers to dry the whole family's boots.

Here's a link to the special discounted web site. You pay with PayPal right from that site.

Here's what they look like:


There's even a 12v version for Trailertrash and you car campers.

Here's the description from their site:

The "Heat Vario Plus" by Mematec.

The reliable shoe dryer.

Fits all shoe sizes

Fits all types of shoes

12V DC/100-230 V AC

Do you remember your mother telling you not to dry your shoes near the heating vents when you came home with soaking wet shoes?

She then took yesterday’s newspaper and stuffed your shoes with it.

The "Heat Vario Plus" shoe dryer works according to the same principle. The shoe dryer "Heat Vario Plus" is the most pragmatic innovation since

newspaper stuffed shoes. An elliptical heating element is inserted into the shoe which distributes continuous warmth thoughout, while maintaining the fit & preventing odors.

“Heat Vario Plus” by Mematec gently and quickly dries all types of shoes: sneakers, hiking boots, working boots, riding boots, rubber boots, ski boots, just any kind of shoe.

Due to the regulation of heat, the shoe dryer works excellent on leather, gore-tex, micro fiber, rubber and on all types of shoe insulation.

First people where sent to the moon and then the shoe dryer was invented.

Made in Germany.

The "Heat Vario Plus" shoe dryer received the German GS quality seal

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