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Any London Carvers

Guest Randy S.

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Guest Randy S.

I have to go to London for work November 21-24. Any London-based carvers on the board? Wanna grab a pint and talk snowboarding? We can also try picking up women. I've found my name to be a great opening gambit for any conversation with British/Irish/Australian/S. African/Kiwi/Hong Kong women.

Most likely I'll be staying in S. Kensington, but Marlybone is an option. I haven't completely decided yet. This will be my second time spending Thanksgiving in London. The last time was 20 years ago. :eek:

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I just stopped commuting down there. Your nearest snow is Xscape Milton Keynes. Think: small ice rink tilted over a few degrees full of beginners. But that's not really what people come here for, and I wouldn't bother.

As you say your name should be a good start, although don't expect London to notice "thanksgiving" much.

Either place you mentioned is good; just opposite sides of Hyde Park. Currently it's pretty warm here, leaves turning but mostly still on the trees.

It's probably improved a bit in the last 20 years. The food's better, and the architecture's getting better I think.

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Do some web searches on "real ale London". You can get hand drawn beer in most pubs in UK now, quite different from the gassed up stuff here (though I must admit, the beer situation has improved incredibly in the last five years in the States). Try to eat in pubs, off the tourist areas, you get good food and reasonable prices. The Indian restaurants are the best in the world and other ethnic take out stores are great value, esp Greek gyros ( called doner kebabs ).

Don't say anything good about President Bush and everyone will love you.


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Guest Randy S.

Thanks. I know how to find good pubs. I was just checking to see if there's someone who would want to grab a pint with me. I might have to look up my old girlfriend from when I lived there in 1984-85.

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Guest raphael

I might be little OT seeing what's being talked about.

But the title said London Carvers. And i have an info for London Carvers.

I'm organising the second NSECS this winter.

What is NSECS ? You know ECS... yeah the ExtremeCarving-Session by the Swoard Team.

This is the Not-So-Extreme-Carving-Session. The Swoard team won't be there... but we will have demo Swoards (unless last minute problem).

The NSECS is organised in the french Pyrenees. BUT ... (don't run away)...

But ... it is close to Pau, and Pau is very cheap from London.

Look at Ryanair prices on this destination, you'll see what i mean by "very cheap":


Right now, infos on NSECS 2006 are mainly in french (because i didn't notice Ryanair before).

You might get some infos in English there: http://www.extremecarving.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1623

Don't be afraid to ask for more.

Infos in french are here: http://www.extremecarving.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1622

Don't be afraid to ask for translations.

I won't do any translation unless being asked to !

Registrations are free of course. But register quickly because we have to find accomodations.

"Be seeing you" :D

infos here too:


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Guest raphael

Still looking for London Carvers...

You're lost in a country where "alpine snowboarding" isn't even a word in the dictionary...

You feel lonely...

Come with us. :ices_ange

NSECS Pyrenees 2006 is full of friendly carvers waiting to meet you.

Flying to Pau is not expensive... at all.

...Well... i just hope for that price you don't have to pilot the plane yourself. :D

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