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Just a heads up about some of the sickest gear up for sale in the classifieds.

Keep an eye out for stuff from Jen Grace, Dave Manthei, Selling some of his and Tyler Jewells gear. This is stuff right of the race course. Gear just does not get much better then this.

On a side note all these athletes could for sure use the money to travel and train because the US budget is so bad in alpine racing, and the funding for the team sucks. Many Team riders still pay out of their pocket to compete and most buy there own gear yearly. Plus the cost off coming up through the ranks cost more then if you where a skiier because there are no devolpmental teams. (I could never afford to compete as a youth).

I also have gear for sale ( at hardbooter.com) and thank every one who bought gear from me this year! So far I have made enough to almost pay for the first trip of the year! :biggthump

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I'm sure most of us have been drooling over the gear posted recently by the racers you just mentioned. We'd love to help out a racer's cause but coming up w/ the $700-800 is the hardest part. I'd help out in a second if I had the money to buy one of those tomahawks.

If I might ask, do racers buy new gear every season? If a lot of expenses are out of pocket and racer's don't earn the greatest income, how can one purchase multiple decks costing several hundred dollars and the supplemental gear to boot?

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Its part of the game you have to budget and hopefully get some help from any sponsor possible. Look at photos of Tyler Jewell he has got Welchs juice to help but he is also the current national GS champ many riders have a great network of friends and family.

It is still one of the highest G force sports with some of the least cost.

If snowboards ever come with a motor or lots of moving parts I won’t be able to afford to race. :mad:

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Donek Pilot with F2 Carve RS or Snowpro Race LTD - $575 direct from Sean

Raichle SB 413 - $150 from this site.

Alternate - replace Donek's bindings with Raichle X-bone stepins including the heels and save another $50.

So that's $725 or $675 - still not cheap but better than $1200. Cheaper yet if people know to come here and get advice on the used market.

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SB 224's $60 shipped from Europe (off Ebay)

Burton Speed 158 Wide $150 shipped (off Ebay)

Burton Race Plates $40 shipped (off BOL)

My first setup was a whopping $250. And it worked great. Still does actually. Got my brother-in-law on it for our last day of the seaon and he had a blast.

This season I'm using TD1's ($125 from BOL) and I'm working on some custom-fit Burton Ice boots that I picked up in the offseason (brand new-$50 shipped off Ebay) that I'm adding in my form-fit footbeds ($40 at local ski resort) and molding some liners as well ($75 shipped off BOL).

So for this season (my 2nd) I'm looking at:

RT173GS ($200 shipped off BOL)

TD1's ($125 shipped off BOL)

Burton Ice + footbeds + Thermoflex ($50 + $40 + $75)

That's $490 for custom fit boots, bomb proof bindings, and IMHO a very fun board. Leaves room for SES $$ and possibly a board purchase after I demo everything at SES.

Also I'd like to add that name brand soft boot equipment is not cheap either. I mean Burton boards are $500, bindings $150-250, boots $100-200. It really depends on if you want stuff that will do the job or stuff that is the best...

Edit: Obviously my opinion is that lack of hardbooters is not because it's expensive. I think it's from lack of exposure. Let's take the local ski swap that I went to last weekend for an example: Out of 500+ new/used snowboards I found two carving boards (both very old). Out of 500+ pairs of snowboard boots I found 1 pair of hardboots. Mostly all of the used boards had bindings and they were selling bindings seperately. Not a single pair of hard boot bindings and neither of the used boards had bindings. So not even a single complete hardboot setup out of all that ski/snowboard equipment...Sad

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