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Alpine Snowboarding Commercials are online

Guest stoked

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* infos auf deutsch (german) unter http://www.snowboard-community.de/index.php?showtopic=7763 *

as you might know whoever creates a TV commercial like clip about alpine snowboarding can win cool prizes

1) send clip(s) to info@stoked.at (preferably up to one minute running time)

2) everyone who's commercial is published at stoked.at gets at least a cool t-shirt!

3) at the end of the 2005/2006 season the best clips are awarded with bigger prizes (for example a t-board)!

for some more info and small talk please check out the earlier thread here ...


and this thread is about the actual clips so please post your feedback here about how you like them

already one clip is online at http://stoked.at/snowboard_freecarving_clips.html

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=) shameless plug.

ok, all kidding aside, this is a Carving slide show (w/music, fx, etc) that I created (took WAY too long to do) and hopefully it will serve as a good teaser! Some of you may be featured in the movie- yes that's right, YOU. =)

things to keep in mind b4 watching:

1. Turn volume up (dim light for added effect !)

2. stoked.at hosting broadband version. Dial up users I have a link for the dial version, it has poor audio & video quality, though, so obviously I don't want people to see that one.

3. i have neither formal training nor a good multimedia computer. With 1 or both, I'm sure I could produce something better.

4. this was made for purely entertainment / promotional purposes.

that being said, please give me your feedback.



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I kinda like the end credits :)

they won't help Barry though since there will be a poll to determine the best clips

cool clip that was obviously a lot of work and is a pleasure to watch

:lurk: Thanks

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Coiler Scene by Tim Carter and latest additions are

Alpine Carving by Pat Moore and oh no title hm it's gonna be

Working Title by Stephen Fleck until I get a title so this clip will be online within the next 3 hours in case you are waiting for it the MULTIMEDIA page has a delay of 6 hours so you might want to click the refresh button if updated page doesn't automatically show up

already 4 commercials online then so cool and of course please keep going thanks

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