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Volkl Spline 158 - is it good for me?


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Hi guys,

I need some help from the forum. I just got the Spline and now I am not sure if I got the right board. I am 183 cm and about 187 lbs (no change since last week :lol: ). I have a RennTigers - 168 and 173. The Spline is my first not purely race board. Is it too short for me. My intention is to use it only when thre's powder.

Any input is appreciated :).

Thanks a bunch!

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I think it just depends on your ability and what you really want from the board. I'm a little larger than you (6'3"-190lbs) and I had a 158cm Aysm board for awhile that in all honesty was too small for me, but I still had fun on it. I started out on a Sims Burner 162cm and felt I rode that board well. My shortest board currently is a 168, my longest a 178 but that doesn't mean I won't try something shorter (right Ray ;) ) You just have to make up your mind before you ride it to give it a fair shake or you're gonna syke yourself out. I guess from a construction stand point there is a "limit" as to what a board will handle weight wise so as to perform within it's design parameters. I'd say it's pretty much up to you.....

Good luck,


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I would look into a longer board and a more appropriate board. If you're going to use it as a power board, why settle for an all-mountain? Go for a true powder board like an OSin4807 or Burton Fish. You should be able to pick up either one for cheap and at a length more suitable length for your weight too.

Arcangel is right though, you never no till you give it a try. :)

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