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quick and easy mod for the RAB


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this is something that I have seen a couple people do to keep the rabs from jamming

there are two issues that can make them jam, the spring can get hung up on the "tunnel" that it is in and the brass tube can also jam in the little aluminum hole

so as others have done I cut away most the "tunnel"

and to try to cure the issue with the brass tube I have cleaned out the hole it goes through with the finest rat tail file I had, I did not go crazy I just lightly smoothed it out and got rid of some of the gunk that had built up in there.

and the final step was to give all moving parts a nice gob of grease.

the reason I have done this is because my RABs had started to not function, on one the spring was jamming and the other would totally seize up, I had tried to grease them but that did not help as much as was needed.

I will probably buy the bomber RABs but untill then this should keep them working. :biggthump

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