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SB Raichle confusion


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I'm looking at getting some older SB Raichles for freeriding, but am completely confused with the numbering system. There is 223, 224, 225, 323, 324, 325, etc. I get the impression that the 223/323/423 are softest and the 225/325/425 are the stiffest?

Seems that all the SBs were replaced with the Lemans, which suggests that all the SBs are soft compared to the AF line and the Stratos Pros. In other words, when the 225s first came out as a racing boot, racing boots were not that stiff compared to today's boots.

Anyone who can help a confused soul is appreciated!

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I think you pretty much got it. It's mostly going from year to year with the 123, 223's, 323's, 423's. Then the end number is more the stiffness rating with the 1 being the softest. The SB's had their own tongue which I believe was symetrical and could be upgraded to a stiffer "race" tongue and other race modification components (heals and the like). The AF, is similar in it's numbering scheme as far as low number is soft and high number is stiff. They went to a different asymetrical tongue though, but still had the stiff "race" tongue available. The Lemon's, Sukiaki, and Indie :biggthump are the same as the AF series just the naming scheme changed when Raichle changed their snowboard boot name to Deeluxe. That's pretty much it in a nut shell. I may be off here or there. I've got a used (1-2 times) "classic" Raichle 123 shell in blue and grey in a size 9 mondo 27 with thermoflex liners and new heal and toe pads posted in the classifieds...best offer.

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125->225->325 are the old "racing" boots in the SB series; four buckle, 5-position fwd lean; a "Medium" and a "Stiff" tongue.

I believe 124->224->324->423->LeMans are four-buckle (or did 124's have 3 buckles and a powerstrap?) w/ 5-position forward lean and "medium-soft" tongies.

I believe 123->223->323->413->Spa are 3 and 4 buckle boots with single-position forward lean and "soft" tongues.

AF600->Suzuka are the "stiff" asymetric shell and AF700->Indy are the "really stiff" asymetric shell.

Based on hand-flexing I think the x25 w/ stiff tongue is about the same as the AF600/Suzuka but I'll know for sure when I ride my Suzukas for the 1st time.

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That I don't know. I only liosted the boots I have riding or hand-flexing experience with.

They're probably even softer than the X23's (which makes sence X22 < X23 < X24 < X25) I read somewhere that they're for juniors, women and other leightweight riders. I'm only 140 but I just want to get an idea of where my boots are and how stiff hardboots can get.

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