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UPZ XC12 2022 - Best carving boots i have ever tried


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I have been carving for over 30 years.  I picked up a used Mistral board in San Moritz Switzerland over 30 years ago and used my ski boots -  my feet would bleed from the pressure points but I still love the sport. 

When I moved to Colorado I started watching others carve and got better equipment initially with deluxe boots.  Over time the liners would not hold my heel so I had to keep the boots super tight.  Eventually, I switched to UPZ's RC 12,  which I loved as they were still stiff which is what I was used to, but had more room in the toes and held the boot tightly.  I was really sad to learn about Dan's passing,  but was fortunate to be in Park City where I met Chris Brooks and his wife who now manage UPZ distribution in the Americas and apparently Australia :-). I was planning on getting another pair of RC 12s.  Chris had me try a pair of XC12's which are the softest boots UPZ makes.  I instantly fell in love! They fit like a glove and much easier to get in and out of.  We adjusted the springs to make them slightly stiffer, these provide the perfect combination of control and comfort.  I have been riding them for several days now in different mountains and different snow conditions including spring slush, and they handle amazing, allowing me to almost "euro carve" while going over 40 miles an hour. These are definitely going to be my first choice going forward.  You should give them a try!  

BTW:  I use TD3 Bindings from Bomber, and for these boots I find that the F2 Intech heels are much smoother and lighter. I'm on one of Bruce's (Collier) Contra boards which is fabulous.

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