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Skwal Specific Pond Skimming Tips


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Basically what the title reads, Gore mountain has their pond skim Saturday 3/30. No doubt I'm going to use the skwal, question really is if there are any neat quirks to using a skwal like a slalom waterski? 

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Not sure where I'll be for the eclipse yet, but I may be heading to Whiteface this Saturday 4/6 for their skim. Unfortunately/fortunately it's  looking very cold and it may be snowing during the skim. (Cold enough that they're expecting 8" over Thursday and Friday)

Had a ton of fun though, so it might be worth the risk again

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Whiteface was fun, did a lot of runs in the morning, groomers full of packed powder, lot of work holding such deep carves for so long, decided to cool off in the pond bath they had set up...

Awful, I will stick with the Gore skim in the future, at least they try for some people to make it across. Last season one person crossed the whiteface pond. This season, nobody did.

Dried off and continued shredding, reeeealy gotta figure out my boots, neither of the liners I have support my foot/calf in the Deeluxe 325 shells.

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