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Ski racing and snowboard racing


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I'm having a good year racing on skis and boarding is going well for the most part.  Wachusett Mountain in Massachusetts has a terrific recreational race league at night and a couple of days each week.  Yesterday the snow was perfect and I took advantage of it on skis.  By the time I switched to the board, the course was getting a little icy with some ruts.  I wish I could have run it earlier on the board but I need to learn how to handle all conditions.  Wachusett uploads video of the league runs so I captured yesterday's.  My snowboard run follows the ski run in the video.  Construcive criticism is always welcome bearing in mind that at age 77 with torn miniscus in one knee, I may not be able to do everything you suggest.  😀




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I'm encouraged by the way the season is going.  We held an interclub race at Okemo yesterday.  Of the 75 entrants, 14 were snowboarders.  I was beaten a former NorAm racer.  



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8 hours ago, jburk said:

What I want to know is who's the 10 year-old kid?  Impressive. 

Happily he's a member of our club.  Scoring is done by NASTAR Team Points with 10.00 being maximum.  Team scoring is done by the top ten from each club.  He made the top ten and contributed to our club's 1st place finish.  I'm listed twice because I raced on skis and snowboard (Pat on board and Patrick on skis to avoid confusion).  


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