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Afton 23?/24


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Well this is depressing thus far. I went yesterday 1/1 with my oldest. It wasn't great for carving. Snow guns running. Only select trails open in the alps and meadows. Not worth it yet. Hopefully things will improve before next weekend. 

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This makes about 10-odd trips to Afton, this season. It keeps getting better! All snowmaking operations have shifted to Highlands, and word on the street is that they're planning on opening [Highlands] up, this weekend.

I am simply amazed at the sheer volume of snow that Afton can produce. All open runs are covered, and legit covered. Just crazy. The grip isn't the best, like real snow, but hey, it ain't all bad, considering the weather we've had.

I'm a tour-around-the-hill, chalet beer to car beer to chalet beer, kind or guy. Without Highlands open, it takes away from that experience. Most days are an hour or so on the board, then switch to skis for another hour. 

The other day I did see a Coiler in the rack, at Alps. Later some Ski Patrol guy jumped on it. Not sure who that was. That's the only other Alpine sighting of the season, thus far.

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Spring conditions. Alps is icy, Highlands is 'taters, and Meadows somewhere in between. Two dodgy-as-fk runs on the board, and it was straight to the twin planks. All good after that! Beautiful day, no crowd, and the entire hill was open (less those couple runs next to Meadows)! It's astonishing to think that every last cubic inch of white, is man-made. Hell of a snowmaking operation they have, there. 



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