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WTB: new rider setup


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After 20 years of all mountain riding I switched back to skis when my kids took up racing. I’m look to add some diversity into my weekend sessions on east coast groomers. Any suggestions for how to get setup with an entry level package? I’m 44, 5’10’, 175.  I’m open to anything, but budget will be an issue. 

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I'm sure there are enough people on here to get you some stuff to get started.  What size are your boots?  Do you know what kind or size board you are looking for?  And do you need bindings?  Nidecker has the Spectre for dirt cheap right now and you can ride with soft or hards that might be an option for you as it's pretty mellow go with the 163.  


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Welcome @Jdphilip!  For hardboots, the Specter's sidecut radius is too short and the waist is wide.  For softboots, the waist is too narrow. 

For general purpose carving I'd recommend an alpine board around 170cm with metal (Titanal) construction, a sidecut radius around 12m, and a waist width around 20cm.  For icier conditions, narrow trails, crowds, look for something around 163cm long, with sidecut around 10m.

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