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Extremely sensitive eyes looking for goggles with the lowest VLT (<5%)


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Hey guys, after getting eye laser surgery last year and almost the last season riding with goggles that have too high of an VLT (didn't realize at that time), my eyes have now become extremely sensitive to light and is easily irritated on sunny days.

Even with Anon's Perceive Sunny Onyx lens which only has 6% VLT, which is the lens with the lowest VLT I can find on the market, after a full day of riding in the sun, my eyes would still be red and irritated.

I understand I should probably go see an eye doctor, but anyone knows of even lower VLT lens/goggles (<5%) that I can try?


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Yeah, the obvious answer is that you need to see your eye doctor, at very least because they could likely tell you about options to order custom lenses if you need them. I have no idea why you wouldn’t start there.

Not aware of any retail snow goggles under 8% let alone 5. Wouldn’t you be almost blind if a cloud passes overhead? I’m not sure you should be snowboarding at all with that level of visibility….you sure as shit shouldn’t be driving. On the bright side, you could take up welding while on the mountain….

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