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In search of... Thirst.

Kurt Swanson

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I got one go to dec 20 in the for sale section. I rode it once its not for me im crazy aggressive forward, could not figure it out. I tried to stay centered relaxed, looked at it as i was wasting runs.  Was going to give it another shot but... to join all the hype???  It's the same price in the ad $400 super conductor 7.1 I know nothing about it. The add tells all. what do you have to trade its worth more than $400 base it perfect. Thanks LMK

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Thirst set-up from Mark Miller:  

"Hello all you happy carvers out there. I really enjoy hearing and seeing about your new season in full swing.


After talking with so many of you about your set up, it is obvious to me that the Thirst boards are riding differently than other boards you've ridden.  I specifically want to address binding mount position for your Thirst board.  One of the many custom features of your ride is that the binding location was built specifically for you and your typical stance spread. There are so many variables in the precision placement of inserts such as a person's body mass, lift, cant, angles, boots, BTS spring systems, riding locked or unlocked that it is recommended you spend a couple days playing around with your binding placement to find your own sweet spot. 


Start back then move forward-  explore - your board will ride differently with changes to your mount position. 

Experience the changes you feel by having your bindings in the aft, center and forward positions of the insert pack.  Changing binding mount position has taken several Thirst riders from "well, maybe..." to "this is exactly what I wanted!!"


To eliminate additional variance keep your normal stance width. If you haven't already, move your bindings back to the rear set to see what differences you get in your performance.  This position seems to be the most favorable among most of the Thirst riders.


A Thirst Snowboard is different in core construction and WARP design ~ these features have to be experienced to understand ~ treat it differently and enjoy the amazing options that your Thirst Snowboard can offer you."

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