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DGSS - spring system to UPZ, Atomic, (available on Deeluxe boots)


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Roberto is awesome/great to deal with.  Very nicely machined hardware and work well.  Form and function.
Make my BTS and stock system seems outdate/obsolete.
He shipped it on Monday(Italy) and I received it on Tuesday (NY/US) this is with snow storm.

I have use DGSS on Atomic Backland.
once on UPZ (boot swap) and just installed a setup on my old UPZ.

I like Range of motion in the back foot and the different spring can help you dial it in.

spring rate:
light green, medium blue, red  hard, yellow  extra hard


some other reviews/info:

I don't see a thread in the accessory review so why not consolidate one.



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+1 for the DGSS. Drupi is a pleasure to deal with. The systems slots right into UPZ stock holes and works very well. The only thing you have to watch for is when you walk down stairs: Don't catch the bottom screw on a step or you might bend the threaded rod.

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