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Did willywhit wash his hat in hot water?


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greg, better start hacking and coughing now. Monday, tuesday is looking good. Sunday got a bump, too. May have to bang in for monday instead of driving ALL the way back to PA. The chart reads like the terrorist alert, the hotter the color , the better the wind


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I will still be in Boston for a conference until Wednesday. I doubt that I can pull it off, but depending on how SUnday goes, I may slip away in the afternoon. What sux is that I have to tend to our booth at the conference to schlep with people. Sunday should be good then. Its cold wet and miserable in PA today.


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Siphoning gas at K-mart for the camper?

Pan handling in the lot for a free lift ticket?

(Remember the lighter fluid for the ticket glue)

Or most likely, lookng for a ride on a soccer mom?


Good luck with the "parasailing"

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dano ,nice avatar. check your email. Charging to the beach at 7 am with a phat hangover to get the good wind ?Throwing down $350 for an ASC pass and getting in tons of carving all season long ? not sure about the soccer mom thing.You couldn've come down and hung out with the ABK geeks at Kalmus last weekend.Lots of demo gear but WINDSURFING HAS BEEN CANCELLED !You're missing it. If you don't learn how to kitesurf this season, you'll be missing it again next season too. btw, this weather sucks but we did get some psycho gusty cold ass kiting in last night at Revere...and proceeded to swill copius amounts of NewCastle at Sully's house until well past midnight. Arrrrgh,matey !


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