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WTT: TD1 SI for TD1 Standard


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As the title says. I'd like to trade my TD1 Step ins for a set of standards, preferrably with the lift kit. We wouldnt have to worry about cant disks or bumpers (or even plates if you choose) and just swap the toe and heel pieces. Let me know!

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I have issues with the intec cable in my boot due to my weird heels,

so I am running step ins only in the rear foot. I have two pairs of

step ins, so I wanted to trade one pair for standards and that way I

can run two sets mixed usage TD1s (standards in front, SI in the


Being bombers, my TD1s are in excellent shape, save for a some

cosmetic scratches on the heel receiver.

Still, looking... anyone?

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Yo Nekdut,

Have an extra set of TD1 Standards that I would be willing to trade.

I run the same set-up on my bindings - TD1 Standard front and TD1 SI rear. Works good for me.

An extra set of SI's would be great.

Give me a call at work to hammer out the details.

Take care,


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