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Thanks Bomber!!

dr. sandman

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Just got back from USASA Nationals at Copper Mt. CO a few days ago. Had the opportunity on Wed. to visit the Bomber Industries store/shop and to meet Fin, Michelle and "the new guy" (sorry missed his name).

WOW!! What a great group of people. Michelle gave me great info before we went out there in regards to places to eat and so on. At the shop, both Michelle and Fin took time out to chat, and Fin openly gave my daughter and I a tour of the production area. I gather that this is standard M.O., however it was very much appreciated. The following day, Fin and Michelle were at the GS starting arena, visiting and taking photos (see "2005 USASA Nationals at Copper" http://www.bomberonline.com/VBulletin/showthread.php?threadid=6146 ). So I went up and said hi to Fin, and to my pleasant surprise, he remembered me by name!! Seems like no big deal, but it was very nice to experience the personal and sincere mindset that has become Bomber Industries. Rest assured that as soon as I can swing it, I will be clicking into a pair of TD2's!!

Also wanted to commend the droves of highly accomplished riders that attended the event. I beat half of my age division, but those who beat me, did so by a healthy margin - a certain difference between newbie recreational racer (me) and serious accomplished racer (them)!! Same for my daughter - she did very well and has made me a proud papa!!

It was like an awakening to see basically the whole mountain consumed by hardbooters!!

Hats off to Bomber, Copper, CO, Donek (for making such a great all mountain and GS board - my FCII), ar(angel and Volkl (my SL board), Boardmart, USASA and all hardbooters!!!:D

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Great job buddy! Wow that is awesome, I'm really glad you did well and that the Tiger worked out for you. Tell Hannah congrats from me & Jordan. Looks like I'm gonna have to get with the program and try a few races next season.....;) Give me a buzz when you're available and maybe we can get together and you can fill me in on all the exciting details, congrats again,


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