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Hagen... What's up??

dr. sandman

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Hi Sandman,

I'm doing well... ...pretty busy though. We bought a house a couple of weeks ago.

Now we are getting it ready to move in. Which means for me that I'm working every night after work at the house. ...same for the weekends.

My snowboarding season also ended kind of early because of that (had to get our condo representable before we could sell it...).

Looks like you had fun at the Nationals! ...I guess you ankle is doing better?


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Congrats on the new house!! Life manages to keep us often going in many directions - I can relate to your being busy with the house, kids, etc.

Nationals were great. Copper is an awesome area.

Have a great summer!! (any fun plans?)

p.s. ankle STILL hurts! Just have to be patient and keep moving.

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...besides working on the house - not really.

I hope that I get to go wakeboarding at least once this season. ...also want to try a slalom waterski - looks a lot like carving on an alpine board. But last time I tried I couldn't get out of the water on a ski so I went back to the wakeboard.

...oh yeah, I'll be drivin through Redding some time next Saturday - we are doing a small road trip to OR to visit some of my wifes family. I'm almost tempted to drive by Tahoe to grab one of my boards after seeing oldsnowboard's pictures from Timberline (we'll be staying about an hour from Mt. Hood for a few days...).


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