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Re-tapping inserts...


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Anyone got any suggestions...be nice...for fixing stripped inserts?

I bought an Oxy Shogun off BOL a couple months ago, it was in near new condition, and now that I finally get around to using it, I find out a couple of the inserts are stripped - the ones I want to use. Never encountered this problem before...help!

Note to beware of checking inserts on boards you buy, or at least asking about it - esp. here on BOL where often you can't put your hands on them before you buy.

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Are you sure that the inserts are stripped or just cross threaded? You can try to put an M6 bottoming tap down there and clean them out and see if that holds you. You need at least 4 full turns of engagement to be safe. Also make sure that the threads a good in there too.

If they are stripped then you can get them retapped to SAE 1/4" but the heads on 1/4" bolts are not 90* and shouldn't be used in Catek and TD bindings since the center disks are machined for 90* bolt heads. A quick look on McMaster shows that 1/4" bolts are 82* and M6 are 90* so this would not be the way to go.

You can also tap them out bigger and put a helicoil insert in them to make them M6 again. That would be as strong as new but I have never done this and I am not sure how much it would cost and where to get this done.

I guess I haven't really helped you out much other then to point out your options. I would try option 1 and then move on to 3. But please be sure that the threads a good before you ride it since I wouldn't want you to get hurt if you ripped out the binding. Option 3 if you can get it done by someone would be as stronger fix.


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What a drag! I can speak from experience, because the same thing recently happen to me. I purchased a used board described to be in “good condition”, and by the pictures it looked fine. However, when I opened up the package, the board was well used with thin edges and one of the inserts was cross threaded and partially striped out.

The thin edges, scratches, nicks and bruises I could live with, so I took to board to a local machine shop where they were able to re-tap the insert. After several days of hard ridding and checking the threads after each session, it looks like the problem is solved.:)

Sounds like bschurman knows what he's talking about, he may even be a nuts and bolts guy--- check out his avatar. Hope your able to get it fixed. Happy carves. GJC

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wavechaser, without seeing it in person, it's hard to say for sure what the 'best' fix is. Personally, if re-tapping it does not work, I would go with the Heli-Coils. If you are anywhere in the NJ area let me know. I use HC at work often, would do it for you free, if you are in the area. Otherwise try a local machine shop, they probably have the Heli-Coil Kits and wouldn't charge 'too' much !?

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Ben sent me his M6 bottoming tap and it worked like a dream. I actually ended up "chasing" the threads on all my inserts on all my boards...had some rough ones from the damaged screws (caused by the bad inserts on the OXY). This obviously isn't a fix if the 'sert is fully stripped, but for cross threaded ones it works perfectly! If anyone tries this out, be careful, it's SUPER easy to dimple the p-tex on inserts with no bottom (some do, some don't). Now the 'serts are all clean, the bottoms waxed, and the sticks all put away until, hopefully, race camp on Hood this summer!

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