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UPZ boots 28-29ish $150


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UPZ size 10/10.5/11 stamped 324mm. Used for maybe two seasons (30-40 half days?). I got them unused. While there's not a lot of time on these, some of that was hard time. I was still getting used to alpine gear and beat on these unintentionally. Also, a few times I got hit by out of control skiers/boarders. See the slice on the inner ankle area of the right boot that resulted from one of those incidents.The

Besides the mostly cosmetic scars, I had a crack on the tab of the tongue where it attaches to the lower shell at the toe. The attachment bolt came out and I replaced it with a Bomber m6 screw temporarily with no washer. I guess that allowed some movement which stressed the plastic tab. When I got back I fixed the crack with acquaseal and got the correct bolt and washer from the NA UPZ dealer. 

These are the RTR, made just before the RC10s came out, maybe 2008 or 2009. They're a bit stiffer than the RC10s I use now. Heels aren't t-nutted and cuff is less adjustable (only one side adjustment).

SIzing: if you're not familiar with UPZ sizing, be careful as there's a lot of different sizing charts and opinions out there. I would say these fit lengthwise like a Mondo 30 Deeluxe, with a wider toe box and narrower heel. A lot depends on your foot shape (where do you need the length?) and liner. These are often said to be suitable for 28.5-29.5 feet. Mine are on the high end of that range and I'm now using one size down due to having an extremely narrow heel and skinny ankle. 

I'll include the Flo liners (UPZ 10, the smallest for the shell) but they're heavy and will probably make shipping cost increase, so if you don't want them let me know. They're a little abraded at the top of the tongue. If you prefer I have some very well used Deeluxe thermo liners I could include for free.

US$150 plus shipping





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Thermoflex liners sold
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