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A friend of mine sold me my first carving board (a Asym Burton 170) I think it was 97( I still have it). I had been out with him when i was riding a Burton Air 61 and saw him ripping up Upper and Lower Blast off at Sunapee on his new Alp 164....So I asked him for his old alp and as i was 50 pounds heavier than him the 170 seemed to be the logical choice to learn on. I had already started to carve the 61 and needed to move up. The first place I went was Bomber Online to figure out what type of bindings and boots I would need.

As a new carver i found out that the race binding fit with some very forgiving boots ( the 3 strap earth)and went out and bought em.

I learned how to carve on this setup, and I got all my info from the gear review/ set up part of this forum.

I know when i was looking for equipment to learn on you could walk into any shop and buy carving gear on the cheap. The shops were having a hard time selling it. I remember going into the windsurfing shop off of Albany street in Boston to look at the Madd and F2 Boardacross boards.

Times are different now....most gear is bought online or on E-Bay.

Information is more important as you can not just walk into a shop and look at this stuff anymore.......

I know there is better equipment out there now .... but,

I think that by not including the old Burton equipment in the Gear Review we might be doing a disservice to anyone looking to get into the act.

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