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My best day this year...


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Today was my last for the season. It was with a heavy heart that I left the mountain. I had my first major injury in 17 years on a board and was out half of the season. That made the days that I was there more precious. In any case, I wanted to say that


As you can see below, I took my 11 month old daughter out on skis. It was totally for dad - as she will never remember it. We only went out for 10 minutes as Grandma and Grandpa snapped off a roll of film and some movies. Even if she never becomes a skier or boarder, we will be able to look back at the pics and laugh together. I have been an aggressive rider for years, but my least aggressive day ever will go down in my history book as one of the best - even though it was on skis.


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I didnt know the top was still open. Phil we met my second day in HB's this season in December. I was on the Volant Aggression or whatever the hell it is with the steel topsheet. Things have progressed nicely this season and the skills are much further that 3.5 months ago. good to see you out with the kid and I look forward to that possibly next season with my 2 yr old.

At least the family got to see her ski. I'm 35 and my family has yet to see me make a turn.

Have a great Easter


Ps maybe see you next year.

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You know how I feel about the whole family thing. I've posted enough sloppy father/son/family threads here to start my own soap opera, hell just look at my avatar. Nothing beats sharing it with the ones you love.....way to go buddy,

Have fun,


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