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My visit to the Back Surgeon

Bobby Buggs

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Well I was not suprised when he told me I need to get a Micro discetcomy. Its been alomst 2 months and I still dont have feeling on the top of my foot or the bottom of my big toe. Ankle flexion is only like 50% and weak.

This is what I am having done http://www.spine-health.com/dir/lumbar.html

Anyone have this done?

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I have the opinions of my PT guy and the Docs from the Spine clinic that I got the 2 injections from. The problem is this lack of function is not something you want to let go on for a long time. The docs fear if you let it go even after the procedure you may not get the function back. If Iwas just in pain I could see waiting it out and trying more shots or other things, I really dont have that much pain at all just the lack of function and numb ness which I understand is really Not good.

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