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Lowa Alpine Ski Boots


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Has anyone tried, or thought of trying, a Lowa Struktura alpine touring boot on a snowboard? I saw a pair on one of the ski patrol guys today and they look like they would make a great "soft" plate boot if nothing else. I'm going to see if I can find pair at one of the local shops for a hands on inspection.

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Guest dragon fly jones

Man I love them, not the greatest for hard core carving but you can get there on them. If you ski also you can do both on the same day.

Some mornings when I am coaching and setting courses I am skis, since the gates are heavy and that load is a killer on the back.I then switch to the board and ride and demo turns or work out a range of motion for my riders. The best of both worlds.

There you go!


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I ride those boots on my Splitboard. I'd recommend fiding a pair of the "Struktura Light" as those come with two sets of tongues. One is hinged and the other solid. I've only got the hinged tongues and find them to be a bit soft for hard carving. However, it's a great freeride boot for plates with the hinged tongues. If you had the solid tongues, they'd be great for more aggressive carving as well.

My biggest gripe is the lack of an adjustable forward lean. Not a problem if you've got Cateks or Bombers as you can easily compensate with heel/toe lift. However, canting/lifting is a big pain on a split board. You've got to get really creative to get it dialed in.

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