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Lift of Ice

Baka Dasai

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Some photos I took this morning:

<img src="http://img237.exs.cx/img237/8931/dsc05348small4qp.jpg">

<p>It rained yesterday, then they groomed, and then it froze overnight. Rock-hard corduroy that you can see shining in the morning sun:

<img src="http://img20.exs.cx/img20/1925/dsc05346small9wi.jpg">

<p>In many Japanese resorts they have compressed air guns for you to blow the snow off your board/bindings at the end of the day. A pointless convenience, but strangely addicting:

<img src="http://img237.exs.cx/img237/1403/dsc05354small3ut.jpg">

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I gotta show that one to the guys at the mountain! I'd love to be able to blow all the snow off my board and bindings at the end of the day instead of wiping them down or throwing them on the rack for the "dry-out" ride home! You gotta love the japanese and their ideas of "convenience". Baka, that "highway of cord" looks pretty tasty, to bad me and the Burner couldn't make it over for a week or so...:) Rip some of that up for me would ya?!

Have fun,


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