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PLEASE READ - Brian Love (Surphadude)


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I met Brian through BOL during the following thread...


We swapped a few emails and joked around. I really wanted that 159cm (inside joke). As I do with so many other members here "offline", I helped coach him for the upcoming season, answered a ton of questions and wished him luck.....

Ironically, I learned of his accident from his sister who sent me an email yesterday.....a day after I received a different World Cup 159.

This type of news really bums me out. Although I never met him, he was still a friend and a fellow comrade. Perhaps others had similiar experiences with Brian....

On a fun note....I look at that pix of him with that 159 and think he's saying, "Sorry Kent...I'm keeping it all to myself!!!!!".

Tonight I'll be making some turns for Brian on my 159......



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That bums me out, Kent. Brian came out to Park City in Dec. I was only able to hook up with him for a few runs, because I was super busy. At the time I felt really bad because he was really eager to try to hook up with us and learn some new things, but the timing was bad. To hear that I missed my only oppertunity to give the kid some advice, and I wasn't able to do so is really haunting me.

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Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of meeting Brian. He did buy some gear from us and seemed very enthusiastic to get into hardboot snowboarding.

It is saddening to hear of a death, and shoot, there are plenty every day on this planet. However, when it is someone that shares the same passion as yourself and these passions are shared by a few (hardboot community) then it hits home even more.

Makes me think about some of the more heated discussions that flare up on this forum. How in the scheme of things the reasons and logic behind these "conversations" are insignificant when you think of not being able to make turns with your friends. Or a friend not being able to makes turns with you.

Fresh groomies for Brian from now on.....

Bomber Crew

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